Designing Your Speaker

Work with our design team to create your one-of-a-kind speaker system. In this step, we listen to what our clients want out of their Rocket Science Audio speaker system in both sound and style. We explore materials and designs together and will discuss the listening environment to determine optimal driver placement. We want your creativity to flow here – it’s all custom, so we want it to reflect you!

Building Your Speaker

Watch our master craftsmen bring your vision to life. Using the finest materials available, our team will hand-assemble your speaker system to exact specifications. We provide progress updates during each step in the building process and allow our clients to preview their creation along the way.


We’ve partnered with leading home theater companies to provide best-in-class professional installation of your speaker system. Our partners will work with your existing audio equipment or consult with you to select the perfect amplifier for your environment. From delivery, through installation and testing, our partners will set you up for optimal sound performance.

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